St Clair’s Falls

Among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, St Clair’s Falls are unusual as they comprise a double cascade from different water sources. The biggest waterfall among the two, the Maha Ella which is 80m high, is situated on the Kotmale Oya. This waterfall run over a rock ledge, divides into three cascades, and plunges into a pool, producing misty veils. The smaller fall of the two, the Kuda Ella which is 50m high, is situated on a branch of the Kotmale Oya.

Many visitors view these falls from the A7 road because St. Clair’s Falls are situated close to this road, just 3km from Talawakele. If you want to view the bigger waterfall, the Maha Ella, you should take the 500m footpath leading from the A7. The smaller one, the Kuda Ella, is situated close to the road and can be best seen on the bend near the 90km post.