Lakshapana Falls

Lakshapana Falls, at 126m the seventh highest in Sri Lanka, are situated on the Maskeliya Oya. Whereas the water once flowed copiously, the construction of a dam has reduced the flow. Nevertheless, this waterfall is still a magnificent sight. The waters have to wend their way through big boulders before gushing over a ledge and falling down a sheer rock face set amidst tall trees.

The Lakshapana Falls is traditionally called Veddah hiti Ella, or “The Falls Where the Veddah Lived.” The modern name may be derived from the Sinhala lakshaya, which means “100,000” and pahana, which means “stone.” On the other hand, it may be derived from lakshana or “beautiful,” i.e. “beautiful stone.”

Travel the road from Maskeliya to Norton Bridge for 13km where a small road leads to Kottalenna, a settlement close to the waterfall, which can be seen at the bottom of the valley. A steep path will lead you down to the pool.