Getting there: The town Negombo, is just 10 minutes on a taxi from the Bandaranayke International airport of Sri Lanka and is also serviced by rail and public transport. Airport taxis are recommended as they are registered and run regularly from the airport.

Things to do: Negombo city tour along its narrow streets, small boutiques covering the ornate churches, the fort, “lel-lama” or the fish market is best done under peddle power . Excursions on the Negombo lagoon (prehistoric lagoon 25,000 – 30,000 years old) on hired boats are possible and you might even be able to talk to a willing fisherman to take you out and traverse through the famous estuary, where bird life and salt water crocodile babies rest. Sun, sand and nightlife is best along the beaches of Ethukale as its better geared to handle tourists. Negombo is an ideal place to enjoy the promfret, lagoon crab & lobster during season, one of the best places to observe a Sri Lankan sunsets with a beer in hand.

Make a note of: wear a wide brimmed hat, agree on rates of service or equipment hired before you start along with duration to avoid disagreements later, check equipment before using. A Sun screen lotion is a must if you don’t want to cooked to a medium rare in the hot tropical sun. Drugs and child abuse will be treated with lengthy jail sentences so be vary of the touts/beach boys who offer such “services”.